Shannon K. Butcher - Burning Alive

Burning Alive - Shannon K. Butcher

To me, there is nothing better than finding a strong new series to glom. They are few and far between - the really good ones - but when I find it, I go totally fan girl. I just discovered the Sentinel Wars series by Shannon K. Butcher and yup - you guessed it. I am hooked!

In this first book, we get a lot of world building that works around the story of Drake and Helen. Drake is a Sentinel - more specifically a Theronai warrior. He and his brother tirelessly work to protect humanity from the demons that come out at night to feed and attack. So...where did he come from? Long story short, he is the descendant of aliens. But not ones from space, ones from an alternate dimension. And these males have the ability to channel energy. Unfortunately, the energy they channel builds up without a conduit to release the energy. The conduits are the women. Women Theronai can bond with the males and when they do, they can produce magic and use the males energy. This helps the males through the release and the females through empowering them. But each male has one female who can complete him and since all the females are dead, these men are the last of their kind and barely hanging on. In fact, their souls are dying from the energy build up and most of the males have only a few leaves left on their life mark tree.


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