Shay Savage - Transcendence

Transcendence - Shay Savage

A book about a caveman where there is little to no dialogue between said caveman and his time traveling mate.... Yeah, I paused, too.  But eventually, I got sucked in by the buzz that this unique book was getting and just had to see for myself.

Ehd is a caveman who has lost his whole tribe.  They all died in a fire and for many seasons he is barely surviving on his own.  And I mean on his OWN.  He is barely able to get food together and when he does, the canine predators come and he has to abandon his kill.  Ehd is not able to communicate.  He can't speak.  At all.  He doesn't just have a language barrier, he is incapable of making sounds and communicating with words.  Despite this, Ehd is clearly a pretty intelligent and resourceful guy.  When he comes upon a female in his animal trap, he decides - he is alone, she is alone, she must want to be his mate.  So he takes her home to his cave where she promptly has a nervous breakdown and cries - for hours.  Ehd, good guy that he is, figures his mate is upset with the accommodations that he has provided and vows to himself that he will make his mate happy and give her anything that she wants.  Like I said, he is a nice guy...


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