The Will - Kristen Ashley

The Will begins Kristen Ashely’s new romance series set in the fictional town of Magdalene, Maine. It has a small town setting with a return of the normal character types we have become accustomed to with Ashely. As in previous series, The Will introduces a rough dominant alpha with a huge heart, yet this book also brings a smart, sassy and independent female lead whose time in Maine brings her more home than ever imagined.

This is the story of Josephine, Josie, Malone and her unbreakable connection to her grandmother, Lydia Malone. Josie has lived a life of self-made success, yet a life of solitude. Her only constant was the love and support from her grandmother. Returning to Magdalene and her family home, Lavender House, is not for pleasure but to say goodbye to her only family. Unbeknownst to Josie, her grandmother’s love was also shared locally, especially on local boxer Jake Spear and his children. This man has spent seven years actively a part of Lydia’s family, yet never once meeting Josie. While Josie was living a busy life immersed in haute couture, Jake was continuing to open his heart and home to the wrong women, thus leaving him a single dad of three kids, yet completely alone.


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