Illusion: Chronicles of Nick

Illusion - Sherrilyn Kenyon If you are a fan of the Dark Hunters, and have resisted the pull of The Chronicles of Nick, let me tell you it is time to start reading Infinity - because the two series have started to overlap and the latest release, Illusion, is one no Dark Hunter fan should resist!

Now, this book has soooooo many secrets revealed - both for the world of The Chronicles of Nick and the Dark Hunter world, that I must put a spoiler warning on this review - even though I won't reveal any secrets and talk around the plot. So consider yourself warned. This review is also a little different because this book, I read with my son and I will share his thoughts and opinions as well. He usually "reads" The Chronicles of Nick on audiobook - he is a huge Holter Graham fan - so we read this together since at 9, this can be a little over his head in terms of the need to concentrate on the reading. The language isn't the problem, it is the sustained concentration that the stories require that I would say for reading, it is at a typical 5th grade level at least, though the content will keep even adults engaged. So, you have been warned - proceed at your own risk for VAGUE spoilers! :)

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