Alliance Forged (Light Blade Series #2)

Alliance Forged  - Kylie Griffin Ah... back to the Light Blade world... What a pleasure. In this latest installment of Kylie Griffin's Light Blade series, we get the story that was greatly hinted at in the first book, Vengeance Born. This is the story of the Na'Chi warrior Varian and the human priestess Kymora. This is one of the more unique stories I've read in a while. Throughout the book, typical romance story troupes are avoided left and right. For that, it gets a big plus!

Kymora is the blind head priestess of the human religion. When her brother falls in love with the Na'Chi woman Annika, Kymora gets a message from the Lady that she must do her best to forge the alliance between the Na'Chi and the humans. Into this atmosphere enters Varian. He is the leader of the Na'Chi, the half human, half demon outcasts from the demon world. After having spent his life in hiding or on the run, he and his people are wary and untrusting. It will be up to Kymora to bridge the gap between the two groups.

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