(DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT) BY [ADRIAN, LARA](AUTHOR)PAPERBACK - Lara Adrian I have to be honest, I was prepared to hate this book. I have never liked Sterling Chase so imagine my surprise when I started reading and right away he redeems himself and I started falling for him myself! I have hated his character ever since he first appeared in book two, Kiss of Crimson! I usually fall for the "troubled, tortured" guys, who have been through hell, but Chase has just never appealed to me… until now.

Chase has lived in the shadow of his brother and under the stern rule of his father all of his life; always doing exactly what was expected, always falling short in his father’s eyes. He had finally given up a little over a year ago when he killed his nephew, his dead brother’s son, right in front of his sister-in-law. The boy had gone Rogue; he was in the throes of bloodlust so Chase, as a member of the Enforcement Agency for the Breed, shot him with a titanium bullet. Chase left the Agency and his family and joined the Order, hunting Rogues and Dragos, a Breed who had gone wrong long ago with aspirations of taking over the world.

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