Infamous: Chronicles of Nick: Book 3

Infamous - Sherrilyn Kenyon Poor, poor Nick... Coming of Age with the knowledge that you are destined to destroy the world has got to be tough. Especially when you are a kid who really wants to do the right thing.

So this time around, no Zombies for Nick. Instead, our favorite group of teens are combating an internet guru who has created a website of scandalous rumors about the kids at Nick's school. Lashing out at kids with rumors and doctored photos, the hacker is also reporting that innocent kids are the sources. Needless to say, Nick is lucky to have a few computer gurus on his side, as well! And since his demon father is also making a play for Nick, the Greek and Atlantean immortals that are supporting Nick is another plus. With a few treks through "questionable" realms (loved the peek at Thorn!) Nick has to fight to save himself - and the two women he loves - from the fate he sees all too clearly.

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