Beautiful Addictions

Beautiful Addictions - Season Vining Beautiful Addiction is a new adult romance with a backdrop of darkness and heartbreak. It is a second chance love story for two lifelong friends ripped apart by violence and circumstance that they were too young to comprehend.

Josie Banks is a street smart enigma with a natural art talent. She has spent her life in and out of foster homes after the death of her parents. She has little recall of her life other than she has a new identity and a host of friends on the streets that provide her with companionship, drugs, and meaningless sex. She has no past that she can recall other than images from her dreams that plaster her walls and many buildings in the city she resides. Her life has never been important to anyone, except her childhood love and best friend Tristan. Tristan is a bit of a genius whose life seems destined for greatness until he loses his other half at the age of fourteen propelling him to throw his bright future out the window. Wrong decisions and the wrong girl put him straight into a life of crime.

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