Magic Possessed (A Hidden Novel)

Magic Possessed - Jaime Rush For all that the first book left me disappointed, this one did not! This second entry in The Hidden series (fourth including the prequels) was one I really enjoyed!

In this book, we see Violet, a dragon, and Kade, the member of the Deuce Guard trying to frame Violet for a murder she didn't commit. From the get go, Violet and Kade have sparks flying and as they work to solve the murders and keep Violet alive, they find that the sparks are ones that they can't - and don't want - to ignore.

I liked that once again, Rush combined two members of different groups in her series - the sorcerer's in Kade and the dragon's in Violet. The way that this creates a unique conflict, while still being very believable, works well to me. The two are different, yet they both exist is a world hidden from the mundanes (normal humans) and that serves to connect them despite the differences.

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