Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega Series #1)

Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega #1) - Holter Graham, Patricia Briggs I have come to accept that, if Holter Graham wanted to read me advanced molecular physics, I would happily listen to him. He is THAT good of a narrator. Or, it could be that he just does a stellar job of picking the right projects to work on. Either way, I thoroughly enjoy most his audiobooks.

Anna is a newly Change werewolf whose pack has broken the rules. They Changed her without her consent and they have essentially abused her for the last three years. Anna is something unique in the world of pack hierarchy. She is a rare and precious Omega wolf and as such, her pack has been taking advantage of her and her skills without her even knowing it was happening. Until the werewolf leader, Bran, sends his son Charles in to investigate the Pack's misconduct. Soon, Charles and Anna are on a hunt for a killer, are out to change Pack politics, but most of all, they are realizing that they are mates. Due to the abuse that Anna has suffered at the hands of her pack, Charles knows that he needs to take things slow. But his wolf will only go so slow and the hunt is on for his mate.

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