A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, #1) - Kresley Cole,  Robert Petkoff This is the cutest of the Immortals After Dark series and that is almost solely because of the naive charm of the heroine Emmaline Troy. Emma is the halfling neice of the Valkyrie coven in New Orleans. She is part Valkyrie and part Vampire, so who could possibly be a fitting mate for her? Why the king of the Lykae, of course! Unfortunately, the fact that Lachlan has spent a century being tortured by vampires is going to make this a rough ride for the two lovers.

Lachlan MacReive has spent a century being tortured in fire in the catacombs of France. Each day, he is only able to maintain his sanity by vowing revenge on all vampires for the torments he has suffered. One day, as he once again feels the flames kill him only to recuperate because of his immortality, he senses her. His mate. The one he has waited centuries to claim. This is just what he needs to allow him the strength to take his own leg and free himself from his prison.

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