The Very Thought of You

The Very Thought of You - Lynn Kurland Although I am a long time fan of Lynn Kurland's, I have to acknowledge that even the best of authors have bad days, or bad books. For me, one such book is The Very Thought of You. In this book, Lynn Kurland revisits her time travelling MacLeods and introduces us to one of the main characters older brothers, Alex Smith. Alex is a corporate attorney who is tired of the rat race and has decided to take his millions and retire, at the ripe old age of 32, to his sister's estate in the highlands. Having been there before, he knows that the estate is not one to travel across lightly. He has experienced Jamie MacLeod's time travelling escapades before and knows that all does not always go well. Despite that, he still begins a haphazard trek across the estate and then, somehow, is surprised that he finds himself in Medieval England.

Now, the real fun starts. He gets caught up in a feud between two rival families, only to realize that he is in love with the head of one of the families. Margaret of Falconberg has lived for years running her estate without king or anyone else anyone the wiser that her father and brothers have died. She is tough, naive, and abrasive. She, apparently, defies the laws of physics and is able to wield a sword better than most men. Somehow, we are supposed to believe that she is not only able to fall in love with someone whose butt she can easily kick, we are supposed to believe she can do it in the first place.

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