The Cat (The Sons of Destiny, Book 5)

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One thing that you may notice about this book and the next is that the intros of the books mirror each other. That is because these two books mirror each other. These two books happen simultaneously and the fifth and sixth brother are destined to marry twin sisters. In the book, The Cat, the fifth born womanizing brother, Trevan, meets his match in the deposed princess, Amara.

As time has gone by on the island, Trevan is beyond ready for his destined bride to show up. Though Trevan gives the impression to his family that he is anxious for his bride just for the sex, the author tries very hard to make us believe differently than we have for the last four books. Trevan is not just a horny womanizer, he is a sensitive soul who just wants affection. Well, for me, that was a bit of a stretch, but I was willing to go with it. Until he and his brother start trying to create holograms of women who they can have sex with. So, it is the cuddling that you miss, but the first thing you do with the hologram is try to have sex? That was when Trevan started to come off as a bit too much of a contradiction.

That is also when Amara lands on the Isle of Nightfall. Amara is a deposed princess from the Shifting Plains. She is a natural shapeshifter, not a magical one, like Trevan. It is a part of her very nature, but since it is a rarity in women where she comes from, she is revered there as a princess. Unfortunately, since her twin sister is a bit of a magical anomaly and needs constant protection from evil mages willing to exploit her, Amara is forced to flee her beloved homeland and run off with her sister. Never can we forget throughout this book, Amara greatly resents her sister for that.

As Trevan discovers Amara, and her natural shapeshifting abilities, he becomes convinces that she is his destined bride and he begins to work to gain her trust. Of course he does this by NOT telling her that he regular shapeshifts into a cat, sleeps in her bed, listens to her tell secrets that she doesn't trust him with, and by going behind her back to her sister to find out, essentially, what her problem is. If anything, the surprise is not that she doesn't trust him but that she ever starts trusting him.

Of course, she is not that great a catch, either. I see very little reason for Trevan to fall for Amara other than the fact that she is a) his destined bride and b) she is there. That seems to be the only reason why he falls for her. In general, she is mean and nasty to him, haughty and distrustful to his family, and she is so ashamed of herself that she has created an alternate shapeshifting image because she readily admits she doesn't want to be as plain as her identical twin sister. Gee, thanks, Sis. You can shape shift so you don't have to be stuck in this ugly face that we were born with. The very thought of that attitude is off putting.

The strong personality of Amara naturally clashes with Queen Kelly. These two are classless shrews as they both fight to dominate an island that neither of them has any right to. It is actually a bit bizarre that either of them think they have any reason to be on the island, let alone to rule it. And these strong men? How do they react to the immature rantings of the woman? Essentially they ignore it. Except when they are bending to the ladies wishes. Yeah, that is easy to respect.

In general, I would say this is the end of the line for this series. By the fifth book, the books are hit and miss with some strong ones and some weak ones. The fifth book is just really weak. However, the next book is phenomenal and the fifth one, since it happens simultaneously, is really necessary to fully understand the sixth one. So, for the sake of the sixth book, work your way through this one, skimming when necessary, and move on to the best book of the series. :)