The Storm (The Sons of Destiny, Book 6)

The Storm - Jean Johnson By this time in reading this series, I almost gave up. The series was becoming too trite. The characters were repetitive and the fact that Kelly was still always a major character, while her husband wasn't, was beyond annoying. Thank goodness I stuck with it. This one book makes it all worth it. This is the story of Rydan, the sixth brother. Since he sleeps all day and rules the night, Kelly is fortunately rarely a part of his story. That is only one of the reasons why Rydan and Rora's is the best in the series.

You may notice that the summary above of this book mirrors the previous book in the series, The Cat. That is because this book happens simultaneous to that one and much is made of the fact (more so in this book) that the two are mirror images of each other. While in The Cat, Trevan (the lighthearted one) has to work to earn the trust of Amara (the cranky one), in The Storm, Rora (the lighthearted one) has to work to gain the love and trust of Rydan (the cranky one). The two twin brothers are destined to marry two twin sisters. While Amara and Trevan share shape shifting abilities, Rydan and Rora share magic.

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