Dragon Bound (A Novel of the Elder Races)

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison To start, I am going to review the most recent book series that I have read. This is a new series by Thea Harrison called the Elder Races. The first book in the series is Drgon Bound. This is a fun book. The two lead characters are Pia and Dragos. Pia, a Wyr half-breed, is forced to commit a dangerous crime - to steal something from the Dragon's hoard. Dragos, the Dragon, is the leader of the Wyr demesne (pronounced much like "domain") and has been alive since before time began. He is a powerful creature who happens to be very protective of his hoard. By stealing from him, Pia has put herself in his sights and put her life in his hands.

What I love about this series is the interaction between all the characters! Though I love romance novels and the different genres within that, I will admit that the intensity of them can get to me. I like when there is the "tension break" of secondary characters that are as well written and evolved as the main characters. That is the case with this series. The interaction between Pia and Dragos's crew of supporters is what makes this more than a romance novel and makes it a great story.

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