Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12)

Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon I have to admit it - I'm a little disappointed. I think the bottom line is that it was a great story, but it dragged on too long. For such an anticipated book, it is a mixed blessing - there was more Ash to love. However, in this case, a little would have went a long way.

Acheron is the son of a God. But this God, Archon, wants him dead because of a prophecy (it is very Oedipus-esque.) So Acheron's mother, Apollymi, puts her son into the womb of a pregnant mortal woman and Ash and his twin brother, Styxx, become connected. Their life forces are intertwined so that if one dies, the other one does, as well. Upon learning of the cursed twin, Acheron's mortal father despises him and wants him dead, too, but can't because it would kill his son. So, if he can't kill him, at least he can torture him.

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