Allegiance Sworn (A Novel of the Light Blade)

Allegiance Sworn - Kylie Griffin I think that there is a clear pattern in series books. Either Book One or Book Two get bogged down in world building. Fortunately, by Book Three everything is usually full steam ahead! Allegiance Sworn is the third book in the Light Blade series - full steam! :)

Arek Barrial has had a rough year. He found out he had a demon half sister, his grandfather tried to kill said half sister (who is together with his best friend), he was part of a botched rescue mission where many of his friends were hurt, and to top it all off, he was captured by the demons himself while still trying hard to process all of this. When the demon traders finally sell him, it is to a most unusual woman. One so unexpected, that poor Arek can't even begin to trust her or the world she says her people live in.

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