Kiss of Fate (Dragonfire, Book 3)

Kiss of Fate - Deborah Cooke This is the third of the "trilogy" within the Dragonfire series. What was set up as three firestorms is now nearing the culmination. With Erik's firestorm starting up, no one is more surprised than he is.

Erik had a firestorm. Since Pyr dragons have only one destined mate, he thought he was immune. But if he has a firestorm, there is only one explanation. His mate is reincarnated. How can he possibly try to woo her again when he still hasn't forgiven himself for the mistakes he made in the past? That is the challenge in Erik's firestorm. To forgive himself enough to open his heart to Eileen. Because he truly believes that the fate of the Pyr rests on his shoulders and on him succeeding - and then sacrificing himself.

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