Reaver (Demonica Series)

Reaver - Larissa Ione When you have a beloved series, reading the next book is like going to a reunion. You see old friends, make new ones. It is comfortable and exciting. That for me is Ione's Demonica/Lords of Deliverance in a nut shell!

Reaver has been a lot of things in his life. A battle angel, a Fallen Angel, a Redeemed Angel... and now he learns that he is the father of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And he discovers that his "enemy", Harvester, has been protecting his children for him - since his memory of them was wiped away - for thousands of years at great risk to herself. In order to protect the Horsemen, Harvester has been acting bad, when at her heart, she is a true angel. Yes, she is the daughter of Satan and all, but she was conceived before he turned evil. So with her pure heart, she was able to resist the worst of the evil urges that living amongst the evil in Sheoul could have forced on her. But even with that, Harvester and Reaver have been oil and water and never knew why their relationship was so tempestuous. Now, knowing that Harvester protected his children, Reaver is determined to save Harvester from eternal torture and get answers about his past - even if it costs him his wings...again!

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