Kiss of Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 1)

Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian It has been years since I first read this book. Aimee and I decided to split the series up and do a re-read because of the recent release of Edge of Dawn, and I was game! I had read all of the Midnight Breed Series and I enjoyed them. I’ve only read this series once so I was more that ready for a repeat, but sometimes that can be a disappointment. When a book comes to you fresh, anticipation abounds and you often read it through rose colored glasses. Even on this go around, I was still able to find some of the reasons for being originally drawn in all of those years ago. Kiss of Midnight takes us into a world of the Breed, Rogues, minions, the Order and Breedmates, all under the oblivious eye of the humans around them. I know! We humans are such a simple-minded race!

Lucan had a secret that maybe wasn’t as secret as he had hoped. He, as a Gen One Warrior, was a Breed on the verge of bloodlust. He was so close to going over the edge it scared even him. He had killed his father, an Ancient, for this very reason. His two brothers, Evran and Marek also died from bloodlust and he was just biding his time until he finally fell over the precipice himself. While out on patrol to kill those who were just a little bit further gone than he was…Rogues, he saw her…he smelled her! She smelled of Jasmine, she was irresistible, and she was off limits! She was at a club and saw something she shouldn’t, took pictures and fled. He chased her down, and thus began the downward spiral.

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