Taken by Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 8)

Taken by midnight - Lara Adrian When I first started the Midnight Breed series, I was very excited about it. I love a good paranormal series with a bunch of tortured males! :) But as I kept reading, I found that I was more and more disheartened by the books. It became a chore to start them. So this time, I thought an audio version might help things out!

This story deals with Brock, one of the recruits that the Breed added into the mix early in the series. So right off the bat, he was one that really didn't interest me. So I guess that was strike one on this one. Then, the heroine, Jenna, was a former cop. Not one of my favorite heroine models. To me, they never quite know what they are - vulnerable or tough, sweet or sassy - and it takes a very talented author to pull me in and help me to relate to this type of heroine. Unfortunately, Jenna was one I struggled with liking pretty much from the get go. Add to that the, by now, completely tiresome Breed mate reveal, refusal, surrender, and this book and, unfortunately this series, are no longer working for me.

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