Never Seduce a Scot: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs

Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks Marry by order of the King! Two feuding clans, the Armstrong’s and the Montgomery’s are now to be joined. The main problem of course is that neither clan wants this to happen. Eveline Armstrong didn’t want a husband. Period. She was promised to a brute who had fooled everyone but her once and fate saved her by taking her ability to hear and in turn speak; she did not want another, she was happy as she was. Graeme Montgomery needed a wife and he would eventually have to take one, he was the Laird of his Clan. He would prefer that he did his own choosing, the King had ideas of his own however and he chose a daft wench for Graeme to wed.

Once Graeme and Eveline arrived at the Montgomery Keep, everything went downhill. Eveline, who was hoping to start a new life with no lies, found she was treated with such derision that it was all she could do to come out of her room, and the longer she kept her secret, the harder it got to tell the truth. Graeme on the other hand was disgusted with himself. He was lusting after a daft woman. She was his wife, but she was a woman he would never take to his bed, and it was making him feel like the worst sort of man for even thinking such thoughts. Then, when he put her in her room, she rebelled, and somehow pulled all of her trunks to his chamber and he found her asleep in his bed from her efforts. He didn’t remove her.

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