When You Wish Upon a Duke (Wylder Sisters)

When You Wish Upon a Duke - Isabella Bradford Arranged marriage stories are one of the staples of Historical Romances, yet I’ve never been the biggest fan of them. Yes, the circumstances of the romance are the same as any plot type, with two strangers coming together and falling in love. However, when the marriage is an absolute for the couple then I sometimes get the feeling that they aren’t so much falling in Love but falling into a companionship with benefits. From my personal library I can probably name a handful of arranged marriage books where I really believed the main characters fell in love and I’m happy to say that When You Wish Upon a Duke will be joining that list.

What was wonderful about both Lady Charlotte Wylder and Lord Marchbourne was that they were both open to the idea of finding love within the match. One of the cutest parts of the book was March’s attempt to stage a chance meeting with Charlotte at his country estate and being completely undone when he finds her up a tree. Without the pretense of a formal introduction and being in such an unusual situation allows them to just be themselves for a moment in time. The attraction that comes across in just that small scene was a perfect start for the relationship. That same attraction becomes heated during their first kiss, with Charlotte experiencing lust and desire for the first time and March’s passionate nature escaping the tight bonds of his propriety.

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