Damien - Jacquelyn Frank The third book in the Nightwalker series, Elijah, was a bit of a disappointment. So when I realized that the fourth book, Damien, was dealing with the heroine of the last book's sister, I was a little worried that the book would have the same flaws. Fortunately, it did not!

Syrenna is the Lycanthrope princess and the heir to her sister Siena. But she is not a typical shapeshifter. A terrible illness in her past left her with a dual nature. She could shift into a Peregrine falcon or a bottlenose dolphin. As such an anomaly, she has spent most of her one hundred years of life cloistered with the Monks of the Pride learning to fight. This was done whether this was the path she wanted to take or not. Once her sister took the throne, she became her sister's closest advisor, but Syrenna was still living by the terms and demands of others, never living for herself. Until she meets the Prince of the Vampires.

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