When the Duke Found Love

When the Duke Found Love - Isabella Bradford Let me apologize right up front with our readers because I am about to be blunt: I hated this book. The basic plot outline is one that Historical readers have seen a hundred times over; Young woman is pushed into an arranged marriage but falls in love with someone else. Because we’ve all seen this story before, the book is going to succeed or fail on the merits of how the author brings new ideas to the circumstances and breathes life into her characters. In When the Duke Found Love, author Isabella Bradford disappointed on both of these tasks, with the worst offence towards the characters.

The heroine of the story, Diana Wylder is supposedly a free spirit who has already embarked on a few misadventures in her short time being out in society. From her family’s accounts she is impulsive, lively, and in need of a strong presence in her life to help reel her in. Unfortunately, all of Diana’s irresponsible behavior happened well before the start of her own story because from her dialog and actions in the pages of this book I never got that impression. What I did see was a young woman who had been raised with a certain level of freedom having to acclimate herself to the structures of her station while trying to retain a part of her independence and personality. When her mother and older sister arrange for Diana to be married, at a basic level Diana understands her responsibilities to marry well and to accept her fate, but that supposed hoyden side of her rebels when she catches the eye of a handsome man in the park. The back and forth between Diana’s two personalities (the sensible side trying to do right against the brash side looking for love and excitement) was almost like watching a tennis match, with the poor hero being the one volleyed back and forth.

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