Touch of Steel: A Novel of the Clockwork Agents

Touch of Steel - Kate Cross When I picked this book I couldn't tell if it was typical of Steampunk romances or not, but I figured it was a chance to read Steampunk and see if I liked it. I like Paranormals a lot so the idea of an alternate universe isn't that far of a leap right? Well, apparently... it is.

Since this is the first (and may be the last) Steampunk we have ever reviewed, it will be a mix of a review of the book and the genre. If I were to rate the book? Probably a B. If I were to rate the genre? Not for me. It is gritty and dark. It is a mix of Orwell, Jules Verne, and Get Smart. The gadgets and gizmos (as is typical of the genre) almost take over the story! Whether it is the Velocycles or the aether guns, the discombobulator or the sentimentometer, it just felt like too much. That stuff just didn't work for me. Can I honestly say that Cross wrote a vivid world? Absolutely. No complaints on the presentation, but the subject matter simply didn't appeal to me.

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