The Earl is Mine (House of Brady, Book 2)

The Earl is Mine - Kieran Kramer Having read and loved the two previous titles in the House of Brady series by Kieran Kramer I was looking forward to her reimagined Greg Brady and how inventive she would be in folding his TV character into this new regency version. While there were things I liked about The Earl is Mine, my overall impression of the book was that it was an average read.

Our new Greg, or more accurately Gregory Sherwood-Lord Westdale, has great dreams for himself when he is a young man. He wants a piebald stallion, he wants to be an architect and he wants to grow up to be a man his father can be proud of. Sadly for Gregory his life is thrown into turmoil at the age of thirteen when his mother dies and she burdens him with a scandalous family secret. Trying to keep his secrets while remaining true to the family name weighs heavily on the young Gregory and it changes his whole demeanor from a spirited and independent boy into a man bound to duty and honor. These changes are very evident to his childhood friend Pippa Harrington, but through it all she remains very loyal to Gregory and her youthful warm feeling for him mature into very real unrequited love.

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