Strange Neighbors

Strange Neighbors - Ashlyn Chase The concept of this book is great. I loved the idea that the apartment building seemed to attract kindred souls, even if some of them didn’t realize the others were there. However, the execution of the story fell short in my estimation, but I’ll save that for later. Let me share a little about the eclectic assortment of inhabitants so that you can get to know them.

First, there’s Jason Falco, All-Star pitcher for the Boston Bullets. He just bought an old brownstone apartment building and remodeled the top floor into his private penthouse suite. He has his aunt Dottie manage the building during the season and his uncle Ralph to do the handy-work. Life was good, or would be if his aunt would just mind her own business. But it was her job to rent out the apartments and be a buffer between him and everyone else. He was trying to stay out of the public eye in his private life. He just couldn’t deal with stress, which included a personal relationship. Then Merry MacKenzie moved in on the 1st floor. Above all, she could never know his secret!

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