Ecstasy: The Shadowdwellers

Ecstasy - Jacquelyn Frank I hesitated with this series, I really did. This is an offshoot of Frank's Nightwalkers series and it focuses on the Shadowdwellers. Now, having finished the Nightwalkers with a bit of a WTF on the hanging story lines, I was nervous. But I jumped in anyway. What mixed feelings I have about that!

Trace is a Shadowdweller of considerable power. In addition to his special gift which allows him to move from Shadow to Shadow, without them being linked, he is the special advisor to the king, Tristan, and the foster son of the most powerful priest in the Sanctuary. As such, he has power, clout, and status. So when he stumbles upon a human in Shadowscape, he is stunned that he can't quite understand what she is doing there. Humans shouldn't be able to exist in Shadowscape, yet there she is. And while Ashla is there, she saves his life at the expense of her own safety. Trace knows that no matter what, he must try and help her in honor of the service she has done him.

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