Shadowdance: The Darkest London Series: Book 4

Shadowdance - Kristen Callihan One thing I have noticed about the Darkest London series is that the books can be slow to start. But once you get into the story - and get lost in Victorian London - the story moves at a roller coaster pace!

Jack Talent is a shifter with a tough past. Though he was saved by his benefactor, Ian Ranulf, Jack has scars from the abuses he has had in his lifetime. But of all the things he regrets the most, the worst is that he has always had feelings for a woman who will forever be out of his reach. Mary Chase is everything that Jack desires, but the one thing he can never have. As a result, Jack has done an impressive job ensuring that Mary hates him. And until they have to work together to stop a murderer, that strategy was working out almost a little too well. But once the two are thrown together, the forced intimacy starts to wear on the facade that Jack has to put forth in order to keep his distance from the elusive Mistress Chase.

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