What Happens in Scotland (Avon Romance)

What Happens in Scotland - Jennifer McQuiston I will admit, I picked this book solely on the title… it was the best decision I have made in a very long time! From the first sentence I was entranced in Ms. McQuiston’s world and I didn’t want to leave.

Lady Georgette Thorold woke up smelling of brandy, which she hated, and naked, which she couldn’t abide, next to a man who was also naked, who she didn’t even know… and there was a ring on her finger. What had she done? She remembered one glass of brandy the night before with her cousin Randolph, then nothing. The room was full of broken glass and feathers… her clothes… where were her clothes? Then the slumbering giant in the bed started moving, and talking, calling her wife! She did what any self respecting woman would do, she threw the chamber pot at him and ran! She ran into the butcher in her flight who gifted her with a kitten, for reasons that were beyond her knowledge. Then her cousin found her, wanting to marry her to cover her indiscretion. Georgette explained, much to his fury, that she was already married, at which time he took her home. There, in her room she found a woman naked in a bathtub claiming to be her ladies' maid… who was previously a prostitute, until last night when Georgette hired her. Now was the time to take up drink!

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