The Untamed Mackenzie (MACKENZIES SERIES)

The Untamed Mackenzie - Jennifer Ashley Just when I think I broke free from the Mackenzie clan, when I think to myself "Meh, they aren't THAT good...." a new one comes out, I devour it, and I remember JUST how good they really are! :)

Since the beginning of the series, we have known about the illegitimate Mackenzie. Though Lloyd Fellows was the bad guy chasing after Ian and Hart in the first book, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, he has grown on the readers and the Mackenzie brothers. He grew up in poverty jealous of his half brothers, while they grew up in luxury living with a nasty and abusive father... so neither Lloyd nor his half brothers had it all that great. Miraculously, all five of them turned out to be admirable men, but each has an obsessive passion. For Fellows, that passion is the case. He is a police inspector with Scotland Yard and he always gets his culprit! When he is called to Richmond to solve a murder at an aristos garden party, he is sure that this is a case he will try to hand over to someone else. It is beyond his skill set. But when he finds the accused is his sister-in-law's sister - all bets are off!

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