The Best Man

The Best Man - Kristan Higgins I don’t remember the first book that I read by Kristan Higgins, but I do remember being captivated and charmed. Her books were poignant and funny and original -- a heroine in love with a priest, really! Or a heroine that was just considered “Just One of The Guys.” But the humor in her books seems different lately, especially in her previous book, which I didn’t finish, and this one, The Best Man.

Faith Holland just had to preen a little bit. In her senior year, she caught the attention of the most popular, handsomest guy in high school. Jeremy, at six foot three with “his sculpted football physique,” fell in love with her even though she was only “cute in that girl-next-door way” and suffered from epilepsy. And forget about thinking that he is just a jock. While he could have gone far on just his gorgeous looks and charismatic personality, he is nicer and more enlightened than most, even with his privileged upbringing and wealth. His career goal is to become a doctor, and rather than go where the money is, he wants to return to their hometown of Manningsport, New York to practice medicine.

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