Princess in Disguise: A Novella

Princess in Disguise: A Novella - Karen Hawkins I happen to be a great lover of romance short stories. They are sort of an amuse-bouche for romance readers; sweet stories with a concentrated emotional impact. I like how many authors are able to quickly make me empathize with the main characters and believe in their love, all within that abbreviated timeframe. In her newest short story Princess in Disguise, author Karen Hawkins makes use of a few well tread romance tropes to get that quick emotional outcome. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t the most successful attempt.

Princess Alexandra Romanovin of the tiny European country Oxenburg has been traveling the Scottish countryside on the invitation of the Duchess of Roxburghe. With her entourage in tow, Alexandra has seen for herself the land so loved by her old tutor and has gotten a taste of life away from the pandering of the royal court of her homeland. Unbeknownst to her uncle the king, Alexandra had the secret purpose of traveling to Scotland in order to find herself a husband who isn’t anything like the title or fortune hunters being thrown at her. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, impeding her progress to the Duchess’s home, Alexandra takes shelter at an inn a few miles away from the holdings of the Earl of Kintore and accidentally falls asleep in the drawing room. She is awoken by the stirring kiss of a very handsome and well-dressed man who she instantly feels a deep connection to.

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