Surprising Lord Jack (The Duchess of Love)

Surprising Lord Jack - Sally MacKenzie I seem to follow the law of diminishing returns when reading Sally Mackenzie’s books; I start out loving her stories and her character but as I continue to read the books she releases I find less charm in them. I read the Naked series a few years ago and they started well. I liked books one and two, but as I got deeper into books three and beyond they seems less and less entertaining to the point I stopped reading them at all. I hate to make general assumptions, but I think her newest Duchess of Love series is taking the same path.

Surprising Lord Jack actually started off fairly well for me. We are introduced to our heroine Frances Hadley as she is escaping from her home and her overbearing aunt on a mission to find her twin brother in London and to secure her dowry from their father’s solicitor so she can make an independent life for herself. To save herself from ruin while on the run, Frances cuts her hair and wears her brother’s hand-me-downs to pass herself off as a young man rather than a woman. Her situation becomes further complicated when she stops at an inn and is accidentally paired up with Lord Jack Valentine as an overnight roommate as well as traveling companion to London. Jack doesn’t see the woman hiding under the shabby men’s clothing and he exposes her to things the sheltered Miss. had never even thought of experiencing, including his naked self! All of this set-up seemed so promising and I was enjoying the initial getting to know you phase of Frances and Jack’s relationship, however it all started falling apart very soon after they arrive in London.

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