Magick by Moonrise (The Magick Trilogy)

A Day with Papa - Kitty Richards, Lori Tyminski, Giorgio Vallorani I am such a sucker for a Fantasy Romance. I love the idea of Faeries roaming through a Medieval world and my biggest love as a child was Arthur and Camlot. So when a book seemed to combine all of those - I jumped!

Rhiannon is the daughter of the Queene of Faerie and King Arthur of Camlot. As she has spent most of her time in the Faerie Realm where time moves differently, she is a young princess on a diplomatic mission as she enters the mortal realm. She needs to meet with Queen Mary and secure a truce before the Convocation sends the world into chaos. This treaty, once signed, would be binding through magic and would keep the Faeries from the mortal world while protecting them from harm by the humans. But Mary Tudor's England is not safe for anyone with questionable abilities. With the Inquisition in full swing in Spain and Prince Philip spreading the love to England, Rhiannon's mission is a dangerous one.

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