Sinner's Heart (Hellraisers)

Sinner's Heart - Zoe Archer Sinner’s Heart has been a truly anxiously awaited book for me ever since I finished reading Zoe Archer’s previous title in The Hellraisers series last May. In the final scenes of Demon’s Bride the line dividing the former friends was drawn, with those who fully embraced the Devil and the gifts he had bestowed against those who would fight to defeat the evil they had unwittingly unleashed on England. Where my anticipation grew from was in the last actions of the ghost Valeria Livia Corva; how she blocked the Devil from increasing his influence with the final Hellraiser, Abraham Stirling, and how her apparent sacrifice would affect Bram’s decision on where his true loyalties lie. It was a long wait to see if his character could be redeemed and if Livia could return from a seemingly fatal hit.

We are reintroduced to Bram a few weeks after the confrontation between the Hellraisers where he witnessed one friend kill another in cold blood. This one act has rattled Bram down to his core and brought up feelings he has been suppressing since returning to England after fighting in the American colonies. Bram’s overwhelming guilt and anger at his role in war has forced him to create a wall between his actions and his emotions, changing him into a man who lives to fulfill the very worst of his character and gets his only human connection through meaningless sexual encounters. In embracing his gift, Bram has silenced the part of himself that realizes the Hellraisers, their debauched lifestyle and their actions to release the evil was wrong and has brought greater suffering to their lives than any previous pain they were avoiding. However, in one final act, the Devil unintentionally replaces Bram’s silent conscience with another more powerful voice of reason.

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