Headed for Trouble

Headed for Trouble - Suzanne Brockmann When I first looked at this book, I’ll admit I chose it strictly for the cover. I knew it was about Navy SEALs and even though my usual genres of choice are historical or paranormal, but my husband is retired Army JAGC… I don’t like to be pigeon-holed! I thought, bring ‘em on! Hoo Yah! My excitement turned quickly though, when I realized that this was not just one story, but was a book full of “a day in the life” looks at favorite characters and a few other assorted things. While that would be great for the person who had read all 16 of Ms. Brockman’s previous books in this series I, sadly, had read none!

This book is a compilation of 12 vignettes, a glossary of terms and a FAQ plus one novella. Of these, only 2 of the contributions have “new” after the title. I am not an authority on this however, so I couldn’t tell you if that is a fact! The book started out with a bang with When Frank Met Rosie. I fell instantly in love with Frank and I loved Rosie. I loved their spontaneity. Then, at the end of the little story (as long time readers already knew) I was informed that Frank was killed! WHAT?! I’m afraid that that set the tone for me. The rest were ok, but I found myself not wanting to get too attached to them. I found my favorites; Jules, the FBI agent and best friend of Alyssa and Robin his mate ended up being at the top of my list.

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