The Highlander's Reward

The Highlander's Reward - Eliza Knight I began this book with great joy and excitement! Not only was it in my favorite genre, but I was going to meet a new friend! I look at authors as friends you see; they share so much of my time, so how could they not be? So when I pick up a book with a new-to-me author, well, I was borderline giddy! This one had a great big plus going for it because it had a favorite man of mine from history woven through it… William Wallace! This is the story of Magnus and Arbella, and how a couple of strong men are easily controlled by a loving woman.

Magnus Sutherland, a sheep farmer and Laird, is on his way to Glasgow Castle to deliver his pregnant sister to her lover and soon to be husband, the Clan Chief Mongomery, who he does not approve of. He finally capitulated and allowed the union so that the child would not be born a bastard. On the way home, he and his retainers are asked by William Wallace to join in the battle at Stirling Castle. They were successful in routing the English and assisting Wallace in taking possession of the castle. As he was leaving, he saw a woman being attacked, and though she bravely fought off the men, she would soon be raped and killed. He saved her at the last second, then they rode off together on his horse to the Highlands.

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