What a Wicked Earl Wants (Sinful Scoundrels)

What a Wicked Earl Wants - Vicky Dreiling I may have broken the cardinal rule of reviewers when I started reading What a Wicked Earl Wants. Due to my feelings about the prequel novella released last year I probably began the book with a large chip on my shoulder about the characters, the set-up of the story, and perhaps even a sense of “Go ahead, impress me” for author Vicki Dreiling. Setting aside my own pettiness, there were enough good things within the pages of the book to redeem it from its lackluster introduction and I found it to be a good read.

With the season in full swing, Lord Bellingham is on the hunt for a new mistress. Having heard the rumors of a new widow in town, Bell is certain he can charm his way into her bed if he can only snag an introduction to this mystery woman. He thinks he sees her across a ballroom and their eyes meet, with both fully appreciating the other for their looks. But once Bell manufactures a reason to meet the young woman he quickly learns she is far from a wanton woman and he may need another approach to get to her.

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