A Little Night Mischief

A Little Night Mischief - Emily  Greenwood Books in general are great ways to escape reality for a time. Romance specifically gives a reader the chance to experience some of the strongest emotions there are for two people: attraction, lust and that ever powerful Love. I began my read of A Little Night Mischief needing that escapism from some hard things that were happening in my real life and I wanted to live vicariously through the characters while I dealt with other kinds of emotions. Sadly, there wasn’t quite enough within this story to serve as a good diversion and I found myself disengaged from the main characters throughout.

Tethering Hall has recently come under new ownership and this doesn’t sit well at all within the heart of its former mistress Felicity Wilcox. Forced to live in a small cottage on the manor’s property, Felicity has found little success working with solicitors and local magistrates to question the legality of her uncle gambling the house right from under her and her father. Felicity isn’t ready to give up her fight when she finally comes face to face with the new owner and she’s momentarily hopeful that the young gentleman who won the house might possibly release his claim after they had a pleasant meeting before all the official introductions took place. But all her hopes are quickly dashed when Mr. James Collington will not sign over the house to her and he intends on improving the property and make it a suitable place to live again.

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