River of Dreams (A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms)

River of Dreams - Lynn Kurland I have to admit, I really love each foray into the Nine Kingdoms world... even if the story isn't unique or special, I love the trip to a world where men have lovely manners and magic is in the very air around the characters. That is an addictive quality that keeps bringing me back.

Runach of Torr Dorain is an elven prince who has lost his magic and is scarred from a terrible experience that caused the deaths of half of his family. Despite these devastating blows, he knows he has many centuries to fill up. As an elf, he has a long life ahead and the best he thinks he can achieve is to be a guardsman for a minor lord. Until Aisling comes into his life and he finds himself willing to go on her quest to save her kingdom. To do that, Aisling has a deadline and the need to find a mercenary assassin. In this the second book of the trilogy, Aisling and Runach are beginning to see that the quest to save Bruadair for Aisling may be connected to the problems that Runach is having with his illegitimate half brothers. The book starts off with a lot of activity as Runach and Aisling make a daring escape with his half brother hot on his heels.

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