Sleeping With The Entity

Sleeping with the Entity - Cat Devon I was really looking forward to reading this book. The style was likened to two of my favorite authors who write with a lot of love and a smidge of humor, so I was excited to find a new author to add to my list! I think I went in with too much anticipation, because what I read was not at all like I was led to believe.

Daniella Delaney, a cupcake baker, is in the process of opening a shop called Heavenly Cupcakes in the middle of a Chicago vampire community, only she doesn’t know about the vampires. She grew up in the neighborhood with her family who owned the Funeral Home, so she was familiar with the area. She chose this spot because her father owned the building and was giving her the shop and apartment above it rent free for a year. It was perfect for a new business. Nick St. George, a vampire and the head of the local business association didn’t want her new business or her customers in the area. The vamps wanted to fly under the radar, so to speak. He tried mind compulsion with her, and for the first time in his 200 years, it didn’t work and she wasn’t leaving!

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