Beauty and the Wolf (The Cursed Princes)

Beauty and the Wolf - Marina Myles Beauty and the Beast is my favorite theme of book. I picture myself in Beauty’s place, the avid reader, working so hard to break through the hard shell of the Beast and rescue him from the prison he finds himself in. Whether an outside curse or self imposed one. When I saw this title, I snuggled down and got ready to enjoy, but sometimes anticipation can be a bad thing!

In this story, Lord Draven Winthrop, Earl of Dunwich, wakes up naked in the bed of a barmaid on the morning of his wedding to Isabella Farrington. He didn’t remember much from the previous night, except being bitten by a wolf as he was riding. He couldn’t find any evidence of the bite that morning. After the wedding, he took Isabella to Thorncliff Towers where instead of having a wonderful wedding night, he turned into a monster, causing her to run away back to London. Draven lived in depression for 2 years, living up to his nick-name, The Earl of Madness, so named because of the time he had spent in an asylum when he was 16 years old. He had accidently murdered a young Gypsy girl and in turn was cursed by her grandmother. He would turn into a beast at every full moon until he learned compassion.

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