True Love (Nantucket Brides Trilogy)

True Love - Jude Deveraux It’s rare that I read contemporary romance. They usually don’t appeal to me. When I read, I want to escape to another place, time, or dimension. But there are a couple of authors whose writing calls to me, begging me to immerse myself in the story for a few days… in case you haven’t guessed, Jude Deveraux tops the list for me! Then she asked me a question; Terree, how long would you wait for your True Love? Oh my, a lifetime? Ten lifetimes?

Jared Montgomery Kingsley VII is talking to his grandfather about his home on Nantucket that he should have inherited outright, but due to a stipulation in the will, a woman is going to live in it for a full year. Under normal circumstances it probably wouldn’t have bothered him, but with this woman he had so many secrets to keep from her. The first being that he could see and talk to his grandfather who died over 200 years before. And it got worse from there. Alixandra Madsen was, according to the will, to research the family mystery if she chose to. That mystery was the disappearance of his grandfather Caleb’s soul mate, Valentina. Jared decided to leave Nantucket before she was due to arrive so that he wouldn’t have to even see her. Alix on the other hand, had a bad break up with her good-for-nothing boyfriend, so she and her best friend Izzy left right after their graduation from college, both studying architecture. They arrived a few days early, Izzy stayed for a few days, then went home to her fiancé.

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