The Highlander's Desire

The Highlander's Desire - Margo Maguire I thought I had this book all figured out in the first three pages, and I was all set to enjoy a good family feud with a little bit of bride stealing going on. I was wrong! It actually turned out to be a Cinderella story of sorts. I guess we don’t always get what we expect.

Lachlann MacMillan was set to marry his first love, Fiona, and in time become the Laird of her Clan. The Bride price had been settled with her father, but just before he claimed her, Lachlann’s enemy, Cullen Macauley, went to her father and negotiated a larger bride price and stole his bride. Lachlann swore he would never involve his heart in any negotiation again. Years pass. Lachlann then contracted with Laird MacDuffie to wed his daughter Catriona, and then become laird of his clan. Many puzzling things happened when his ship landed at the clan’s pier; there were no guards, there was a beautiful lass being beaten by a drunkard, and Macauley was there!

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