The Darkest Craving

The Darkest Craving - Gena Showalter It's getting down to the wire with the unmatched Lords! There are only a few left and the best were definitely saved for the end. Though I think that at this point, we know who all the Lords will be matched with... don't we? (At least I am pretty sure I know!) Except maybe Baden.... This time around, it is Kane's turn and he is really one of my favorites. The last we saw poor Kane, he was stuck in hell being tortured by demon minions.

Kane is the Keeper of Disaster. And as a result, disaster follows him wherever he goes - broken light bulbs, cracks in the floor, you name it and his demon seems to make the things happen that make Kane's life miserable. All he wants is to get rid of his demon - even if it costs him his life. But knowing that Disaster will be free to roam the world at will without him, Kane wants Disaster dead - no one should have to tolerate that miserable being. The only thing that is keeping Kane in the game at this point is the strange Fae woman who asked him to kill her.

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