What the Bride Wore

What the Bride Wore - Jade Lee To gear up for reading What the Bride Wore I did a glom of the previous three books in the Bridal Favors series. In the stories Wedded in Scandal and Wedded in Sin I loved meeting very independent women who were comfortable in their middle-class existence and met all of life’s challenges head on. In the short story Winning a Bride the tone began shifting a bit, with the heroes having a few more challenges to overcome before finding their happiness. While the binding thread of this series remains the women who work at A Lady’s Favor bridal boutique, for me What the Bride Wore was all about its hero Grant Benton.

We are first introduced to a rather irresponsible Grant who finds amusement and income by fleecing the local nobility through wagers on inane things. When his latest trick accidentally burns down the family barn, Grant reaches such an emotional low that he begins to believe that the voice of reason in his head is actually speaking to him as if another consciousness. It is only by the greater irresponsibility of Grant’s father that he is given the chance at salvation for himself and his family’s fortunes. Flash forward five years and Grant is now the owner and manager of a successful textile mill, producing fabrics of such rich designs he knows the women of London will clamor for them. A large sale to the fashionable A Lady’s Favor boutique will end Grant’s tenure as a tradesman and he can finally meet the terms to buy back his family’s lands and begin rebuilding the Crowle earldom into a respectable title.

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