Hero's Redemption

Five Centuries of American Costume - R. Turner Wilcox War is hell for those who were left behind or those who had to fight to survive, yet the aftermath can be pretty harrowing too. Hero’s Redemption shows readers a romance between two wounded souls who share a tragic event out of the Napoleonic War, but also strive to put their pain behind them to find new love.

When Lord Malton wakes up in a bedroom not his own he is quick to realize that he has been duped by his drinking companion Sir Lucien and ensnared in an extortion plot. The apparent accomplice to his plan is the young woman who shared Devon’s bed the night before and managed to calm him through a nightmare from his time at war. Walking away from the schemers, Devon is surprised to be cornered by the same woman the following evening with the truth that he was set-up and that she needs his help to escape her brother Lucien’s household. When they formally introduce themselves, Devon is shocked to know the woman is the widow of a soldier who sacrificed his life so that Devon would live.

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