Love Overdue

Love Overdue - Pamela Morsi Who’d have thought that librarians and pharmacists could be sexy? Apparently Pamela Morsi did and in her new book Love Overdue she has convinced me too. Of course it helps that her pharmacist is a perfect Beta hero, which are my kryptonite. I just fall over myself to read about the good guys finding love and it’s especially good when they are matched with a woman who isn’t bitchy or overpowering in the story. Both characters are allowed to be strong, confident adults, but they are also allowed their foibles which make their falling in love all the more entertaining to read.

Accepting a job offer out of the blue, Dorothy Jarrow sets her sights on doing the work she loves and creating a new future for herself in Verdant, Kansas. Being a librarian was never the most glamorous choice of career, but DJ knows that it suits her meticulous nature and she is ready to tackle the challenge of rebuilding a rural library system to fit into the modern age. Wanting to create the right impression of a librarian, DJ dresses the part in conservative clothes and she has long learned to tamp down any of her wild and wicked impulses. In fact, with the exception of a wild night eight years earlier, DJ has always kept herself guarded against expecting emotional attachments since she grew up without that kind of love and support. Her arrival in town is enthusiastically met by most of the citizens; however DJ is quick to learn that even small towns and small libraries can attract bullies who hate seeing things change.

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